Vincent D’Onofrio Will Reportedly Return as Kingpin in ‘Hawkeye’


Reddit has always been a constant hub of news for the fandom, being a platform for leakers to share their information but the site has actually never been a source of information until now. The moderators of the infamous /r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers are getting into scoop game as they’re reporting that Vincent D’Onofrio is slated to return as Wilson Fisk in the upcoming Hawkeye series. D’Onofrio will reportedly appear in Episode 5 of the series. The moderator team also shared that Charlie Cox was originally planned to make an appearance in the Hawkeye show but couldn’t for scheduling issues. Kingpin is said to be Daredevil’s replacement in that show.

This is pretty exciting stuff. D’Onofrio, alongside Cox, Kristen Ritter and Jon Bernthal, were four of the Netflix show’s strongest performers. That version of Kingpin feels definitive and iconic so it’s crazy that we’ll be getting Wilson Fisk in the proper MCU.

Source: Reddit


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